Companies in Science Park Saar

Science Park Saar offers company founders and new, technology-oriented enterprises the perfect environment for growth in close proximity to Saarland University. Most of the companies have grown out of the university’s startup centre.

Science Park 1 was opened in June 2000 and offers a total of 3,420 square metres of space for new enterprises.

Science Park 2, officially opened in June 2005, offers a likewise attractive and practical range of spaces for up to 45 companies employing up to 450 people.

toroma organics

New enterprise toroma organics is your partner for contract research, chemical synthesis and synthesis advice, and a supplier of high-quality substances from the life sciences sector.

We specialise in the production of carbohydrate derivatives, substances from the flavonoid and phenylpropane groups, and fluorescent dyes. Further key products in our range are organocatalysts for the asymmetric synthesis of high-quality intermediate products.

ServiceKontor Andrea Müller

Communicating. Organising. Realising.

We assist our clients capably and reliably with our comprehensive range of office services.

Our services include

  • Telephone service – constant availability
  • Post service – post processing and dispatch
  • Address input / text input / corrections
  • Mailings
  • Translations into e.g. English, French, Italian, Spanish
  • Internet research
  • Event organisation / catering
  • Travel planning and organisation and much more.


Innovative optical security features for documents, product and trade mark protection

  •  Technological development
  •  Licensing
  •  Technology transfer
  •  Small batch production
  •  Collaborations
  •  Services

SECTAGO GmbH develops, licenses and produces security features for the most challenging applications, primarily based on innovative developments in the field of diffractive optics.

SECTAGO achieves this thanks to its excellent technology, expertise and patent portfolio, its own equipment, its broad understanding of the market as well as its active partner network and its high-calibre first clients.

PharmBioTec GmbH

PharmBioTec GmbH is a company specialising in contract research and providing high-quality services in the fields of biotechnological/pharmaceutical research and development.

In 2010, three professors from Saarland University (Prof. Hartmann, Prof. Müller and Prof. Lehr) pooled their experience in design, synthesis, biological testing, formulation and analysis of new agents to found a young and flexible institute that allows a free-flowing transfer of innovations between research and industry.

PharmBioTec GmbH is a subsidiary of Saarland University and collaborates closely with both the university and with the Helmholtz Institute for Pharmaceutical Research Saarland (HIPS).

The principle of PharmBioTec GmbH is to cover the widest possible spectrum of steps in drug development, with a particular focus on the areas of Drug Discovery, Biotechnology/Analytics and Drug Delivery.

Pharmacelsus GmbH

Pharmacelsus is a contract research organisation working internationally in the pharmaceutical research sector.

Its range of services includes the development and performance of biological, analytical and pharmacological tests for discovering and developing drugs.
Thanks to the technical experience of its staff, Pharmacelsus is an expert partner in the pharmaceutical and biotechnological industries.

Oriented Solutions GmbH

Oriented Solutions GmbH
Science Park 2
66123 Saarbrücken

Phone: +49 (0)681/3798 371
Fax: +49 (0)681/3798 475
Mobile: +49 (0)176/2401 7547
Mobile (Cairo): +2 010/37201 19
Skype: ammo0000

» m.amer@oriented-solutions.com
» www.oriented-solutions.com


Oil and gas industry research

Kanzlei für Wirtschafts- und Vermögensrecht, Dr Michael Anton, lawyer

Commercial and property law chambers Kanzlei für Wirtschafts- und Vermögensrecht is a provider of legal services to company founders and medium-sized enterprises as well as to private individuals and consumers. Contact Dr Michael Anton, specialist in commercial and property law, for preventive contract design and let our chambers take care of your case.

KWV offers medium-sized enterprises and craft businesses advice in commercial law issues covering all business operations. From concept to setting up business, from day-to-day operations to responsible company succession planning, Dr Michael Anton is your personal legal adviser for your business. For medium-sized and larger enterprises, KWV offers legal services in commercial law, whether your company operates in development or production, in selling goods and services or in the IT or biochemical sector. Private individuals and consumers can receive advice in all matters relating to contract and consumer law. Succession planning and disputes in inheritance law as well as medical law matters are other services offered by the chambers.

Branches of law:

  • Contract law
  • Consumer law
  • General terms and conditions
  • Trade law
  • Corporate law
  • Distribution law
  • Transport & logistics law
  • Industrial property protection & competition law
  • IT law
  • Banking & securities law
  • Insolvency law
  • Property succession law
  • Company & practice succession law
  • Inheritance disputes
  • Medical law
  • Artistic and cultural law


  • Company founders
  • Companies & craft enterprises
  • Retail & consumption
  • Sales & distribution
  • Transport, freight & logistics
  • Services sector
  • Technology
  • IT & media
  • Biological & chemical sector
  • Automotive businesses & suppliers
  • Mechanical engineering & industrial plant
  • Metallurgical & electrical industries
  • Construction & real estate
  • Banks
  • Investors
  • Private individuals & consumers
  • Heirs & testators
  • Patients
  • Doctors, practices & hospitals
  • Pharmacy
  • Administration

Innomis Management Intelligence Solutions

Innomis develops and operates “Management Intelligence Systems” and global “Market Intelligence Data Warehouses” as cloud-based platform solutions.

Our clients and partners include globally positioned companies such as BASF, Xella and Vaillant, and institutes and associations such as the ifo Institute in Munich and the German mechanical engineering association VDMA.

Our range of services includes web-based software services and integrated data services.

Innomis software services comprise a portfolio of software modules for interactive business intelligence, knowledge management and collaborative networking within and among companies.

Innomis data services allow large international pools of data from selected public and commercial databases to be used in an integrated and highly efficient way.

Eyeled GmbH

Mobile solutions with experience from over 200 projects. Eyeled develops innovative, high-tech mobile software solutions. Experience gained from more than 200 projects, a knowledgeable, imaginative and motivated developer team who enjoy their work and are experts in the design of optimal user interfaces guarantee our clients efficient implementation and the greatest user acceptance. The latest findings from research projects ensure the use of the best possible technology in our projects.

We are specialised in the consultation, development and integration of innovative, user-oriented software solutions for mobile terminals such as smartphones, tablets and mobiles.

Our key areas


With years of experience and close contact with renowned research institutes, we will determine your mobility requirements with a goal-oriented consultation. Our experienced developers and project managers will support you during development and integration. Afterwards, we will provide you with technical support. Our component library eyeCman delivers tested software components for your mobile solution and its integration into existing company processes.

Compliance solutions

Our product eyeWISE provides the compliance solution with all modules for consistent management of instructions, documentation and audits for any management system (e.g.: ISO 9001, OHSAS, ISF, TSM).

User information

With eyeGuide, we provide mobile user information solutions for companies, trade fairs, conferences, exhibitions and museums.

Research and development projects

Founded in 2000 as a spin-off of the German Research Center for Artificial Intelligence (DFKI), we have been an innovative project partner for research institutes and companies for 12 years.

Endotherm GmbH

Endotherm GmbH is a “Contract Research Organisation (CRO)” that offers its clients from the pharmaceutical research industry research services and contract syntheses for the production of high-quality active substances and reagents for the early phase of drug development.

Clients are also supported in the development of manufacturing processes for the industrial production of pharmaceutical agents. At the same time, the company provides approximately 3000 high-quality research chemicals from its own production facilities. In-house research projects advance the development of pharmaceutical agents in the fields of cardiovascular diseases and infection control.

The company also offers fire-protection coatings for easily flammable materials.

Dr. Friedbert Maier Steuerberatungsgesellschaft mbH

Business, tax and management consultancy

Our range of services in particular covers annual financial statements, financial and payroll accounting, business startup advice, employee assessment, and inheritance and capital transfer tax management, as well as traditional tax advice. We also offer services in writing and assessing business plans, management consultancy, investment and financial advice, setting up and maintaining cost accounting and designing employee participation programmes.

Viking Advanced Materials GmbH

Viking Advanced Materials GmbH is a company working in the field of materials development and the production of innovative material systems.

The most important component in the production of novel materials with clear advantages over existing material systems is the well-defined processing of well-known material systems using new technologies (e.g. chemical nanotechnology).

Viking focuses on developing and marketing a new phosphatic binder system (patent pending), which can be used as a raw material in the production of paints and varnishes, cement-free concrete and fire-resistant materials. Viking also offers specialities such as metallic effect engobes and sealing systems for natural stone.

Centigrade GmbH

Centigrade helps companies to develop user interfaces that are user-friendly, aesthetically appealing and technically elegant.

Thanks to a creative and quick-thinking team of usability experts, designers and software architects, Centigrade can offer a range of tailor-made user experience services, from the requirements analysis, and the usability evaluation of existing systems, to the design and creation of exclusive screen and icon designs. Centigrade also implements specialised GUI controls and looks and feels for applications based on Java(tm) Swing, WPF, Silverlight or WinRT.

Centigrade’s clients include medium-sized enterprises as well as internationally operating corporations in a wide variety of sectors. Client projects include business-oriented user interfaces in the ERP and CRM fields, for example, and touch-based interfaces for use in industry or medical technology. Centigrade regularly publishes blogs on user experience themes and is a member and promoter of the German Usability Professionals Association, “germanUPA”. The company’s work has been recognised with the iF Communication Design Award, among others.

cc-NanoBioNet e.V.

cc-NanoBioNet e. V. is a network of universities, research institutes, clinics and companies. The non-profit organisation was founded to improve interaction between research, business, politics and society.

We work towards the following goals

  • creating new, innovative and marketable products and jobs,
  • establishing nano- and biotechnological teaching content at all levels of education,
  • supporting research and development, and
  • informing the public about the exciting world of nano- and biotechnology.

Our key themes are

  • chemical nanotechnology
  • nanobiotechnology
  • pharmaceutical biotechnology and
  • nanoethics and safety.

cc-NanoBioNet offers its members a wide range of services, including: finding referees, providing help with funding programmes, supporting trade fairs, handling technological requests and allocating feasibility studies.

Our members can access these services free of charge.

Bionmed Technologies GmbH

The company’s business areas are the research, development, manufacturing and sales of pioneering technical treatment systems in the medical field, using bionic principles.

The application of the latest scientific findings is a significant factor in the success of Bionmed Technologies GmbH. With Simultaneous Engineering, the interdisciplinary cooperation of different teams, current results of research into these innovative technologies feed directly into the development process in question. Bionmed Technologies GmbH products are therefore protected by European patents and patent applications.

Bacto Control

  • Microbial analysis
  • Hygiene
  • Infection prevention

In the fields:

  • Environment/water
  • Hospitals
  • Food

Avarteq GmbH

Avarteq GmbH is an experienced service provider in web development. It offers a comprehensive service from designing and creating to running and hosting interactive applications for the World Wide Web. These include web portals, communities and mobile applications.

The developer teams at Avarteq GmbH are specialists in the web framework Ruby on Rails. With Enterprise Rails, the home brand for high-performance hosting with Ruby on Rails, Avarteq GmbH is a global presence on and a dedicated promoter of the developer scene.

The company, which was founded as a startup in 2008, now employs over 30 people at its head office at Science Park 2 in Saarbrücken and at a branch office in Berlin. Avarteq GmbH is divided into five business areas: web development, Rails development, mobile development, hosting and online marketing.

atmedia GmbH

atmedia GmbH was founded in 1996 and specialises in the field of secure and reliable data communication. atmedia is a market leader in the field of broadband encryption systems and one of the few companies in the world with encryption systems in the 10 gigabit range.

As well as producing its own atmedia product line, atmedia is also the OEM supplier of well-known companies on the global market.

All devices are developed and manufactured in Germany. atmedia is an independent, privately-owned, German limited company.

The encryption systems are particularly suitable for the secure connection of distributed sites in the fields of commerce/banking and industry and for use by public authorities. For example, atmedia encryption systems are used by federal and regional authorities to implement secure communication between sites.

The products developed by atmedia for secure, fast and reliable data transmission via modern networks are some of the most powerful and efficient solutions on the market. The systems’ high level of reliability allows time- and safety-critical work processes with high broadband demands to be decentralised for the first time.

The encryption systems are approved by the German Federal Office for Information Security (BSI) for the transmission of confidential information.

Analytik Wannemacher GdbR

Analytical services and consulting

  • chemical-physical analysis in the environmental and technical fields
  • testing of waste water, drinking water, bathing water, process water, soil, contaminated sites, waste materials, industrial waste, garden soil, compost, sewage sludge, building rubble etc.
  • microbiological testing of all types
  • certified sampling of drinking water in accordance with §15 para. 4 TrinkwV 2001 [German Drinking Water Ordinance]
  • certified to VDI 6023
  • in cooperation with expert, state-approved, certified partners
  • advice in all issues relating to
  • chemical-physical and microbial analysis
  • waste and process technology
  • assessment of damage events

alpha gemini

alpha gemini offers continuing and further education in the fields of (foreign) languages and organisation for teaching and learning.

Seminars in time management and exam preparation

We provide advice and support in all phases of learning and learning planning up to the exam.

Language courses

We teach the relevant language skills at different levels. Our “German as a Foreign Language” courses are targeted at qualified employees from abroad who wish to orientate themselves better in their new environment.

Proofreading service

To help present scientific results in a grammatically correct and well-written form, we offer professional proofreading services for dissertations, advertising texts, business reports etc.

Age Explorer / Meyer-Hentschel Institut

The Meyer-Hentschel Institute has been working in 60-plus marketing since 1985 and is considered a pioneer of senior marketing in Europe. It boasts comprehensive expertise, experience and contacts in developing and selling products and services for the over-60s. The Institute motivates and helps companies to adapt their products and services to the needs of older people. A valuable way of doing this is to simulate certain aspects of old age to allow younger people to experience what it is like to be old.

In 1995, the Meyer-Hentschel Institute introduced the first Age Explorer® (old-age suit / old-age simulation suit).

More than 17,000 employees of innovative companies in industry, commerce, services and senior care have taken part in Age Explorer workshops to date. Sectors: automotive, banking, retail, domestic appliances, clinics, real estate, consumer goods, shopfitting, medical technology, furniture, public transport, pharmaceuticals, mail-order, packaging, housing.

The Meyer-Hentschel Institute founded the first business portal for the growth market of older customers – www.seniorenmarkt.de – and issues the “Senior Marketing Yearbook” (published by Deutscher Fachverlag).

The Institute announces the “Senior Journalism Prize” for journalists every year and created the SilverPack Packaging Award to distinguish packaging that is particularly suited to the needs of older people.

Range of consulting services:

  • Consulting in marketing and communications strategy for companies targeting the over-60s
  • Technical and design-oriented consulting in the development of easy-to-use consumer goods, packaging etc.
  • Behavioural-scientific consulting in the layout of buildings and rooms that are intended to be attractive to older people too
  • Training for designers, architects, product developers, sales and maintenance personnel, care workers
  • Creating inclusive public relations measures in the 60-plus target market

AbsInt GmbH

AbsInt provides software for analysing, optimising and verifying embedded systems and safety-critical software programs.

In today’s market for embedded systems, software is becoming increasingly complex and development cycles are becoming shorter and shorter. The proportion of safety-critical applications is increasing steadily. AbsInt’s products help developers of real-time systems

  • to increase system safety and efficiency,
  • to shorten development cycles further, and
  • to reduce time, effort and costs spent on tests and debugging.

Our core products are:

  • aiT WCET Analyzer: for determining the maximum execution time
  • StackAnalyzer: for determining maximum stack usage
  • Astrée: for proving the absence of runtime errors

Other products:

  • Program analyses and optimisation
  • Optimising compilers for microcontrollers and digital signal processors (DSPs)

Across Barriers GmbH

Services for the pharmaceutical , cosmetics and chemical industries – ADMET examinations (biopharmaceutical characterization), physicochemical characterization, bioanalytics, drug testing.