Support on the way to self-employment

SOG (Saarland Offensive für Gründer [Saarland Offensive for Company Founders]) is a regional network encompassing all the forces active in promoting company founders in Saarland. In addition to the Ministry of Economic Affairs, these include the universities, Saarland Chamber of Industry and Commerce, the Chamber of Skilled Crafts, Saarland investment bank SIKB and the regional business development offices.

To provide prospective company founders with first-hand information, the SOG network offers an abundance of events and seminars as well as one-to-one advice.

SOG’s purpose is to break down inhibitions and to motivate the first steps towards self-employment. It provides guidance in overcoming challenges such as creating a company concept or financing plan.

A new addition is the Coworking Space. This is office space that can be rented and used communally.

>> For more on this, visit www.gruenden.saarland.de