Age Explorer / Meyer-Hentschel Institut

The Meyer-Hentschel Institute has been working in 60-plus marketing since 1985 and is considered a pioneer of senior marketing in Europe. It boasts comprehensive expertise, experience and contacts in developing and selling products and services for the over-60s. The Institute motivates and helps companies to adapt their products and services to the needs of older people. A valuable way of doing this is to simulate certain aspects of old age to allow younger people to experience what it is like to be old.

In 1995, the Meyer-Hentschel Institute introduced the first Age Explorer® (old-age suit / old-age simulation suit).

More than 17,000 employees of innovative companies in industry, commerce, services and senior care have taken part in Age Explorer workshops to date. Sectors: automotive, banking, retail, domestic appliances, clinics, real estate, consumer goods, shopfitting, medical technology, furniture, public transport, pharmaceuticals, mail-order, packaging, housing.

The Meyer-Hentschel Institute founded the first business portal for the growth market of older customers – www.seniorenmarkt.de – and issues the “Senior Marketing Yearbook” (published by Deutscher Fachverlag).

The Institute announces the “Senior Journalism Prize” for journalists every year and created the SilverPack Packaging Award to distinguish packaging that is particularly suited to the needs of older people.

Range of consulting services:

  • Consulting in marketing and communications strategy for companies targeting the over-60s
  • Technical and design-oriented consulting in the development of easy-to-use consumer goods, packaging etc.
  • Behavioural-scientific consulting in the layout of buildings and rooms that are intended to be attractive to older people too
  • Training for designers, architects, product developers, sales and maintenance personnel, care workers
  • Creating inclusive public relations measures in the 60-plus target market