cc-NanoBioNet e.V.

cc-NanoBioNet e. V. is a network of universities, research institutes, clinics and companies. The non-profit organisation was founded to improve interaction between research, business, politics and society.

We work towards the following goals

  • creating new, innovative and marketable products and jobs,
  • establishing nano- and biotechnological teaching content at all levels of education,
  • supporting research and development, and
  • informing the public about the exciting world of nano- and biotechnology.

Our key themes are

  • chemical nanotechnology
  • nanobiotechnology
  • pharmaceutical biotechnology and
  • nanoethics and safety.

cc-NanoBioNet offers its members a wide range of services, including: finding referees, providing help with funding programmes, supporting trade fairs, handling technological requests and allocating feasibility studies.

Our members can access these services free of charge.