PharmBioTec GmbH

PharmBioTec GmbH is a company specialising in contract research and providing high-quality services in the fields of biotechnological/pharmaceutical research and development.

In 2010, three professors from Saarland University (Prof. Hartmann, Prof. Müller and Prof. Lehr) pooled their experience in design, synthesis, biological testing, formulation and analysis of new agents to found a young and flexible institute that allows a free-flowing transfer of innovations between research and industry.

PharmBioTec GmbH is a subsidiary of Saarland University and collaborates closely with both the university and with the Helmholtz Institute for Pharmaceutical Research Saarland (HIPS).

The principle of PharmBioTec GmbH is to cover the widest possible spectrum of steps in drug development, with a particular focus on the areas of Drug Discovery, Biotechnology/Analytics and Drug Delivery.