February 2014

Water for the companies of Lisdorfer Berg

It has been under construction since September and is due for completion at the end of April. The Lisdorfer Berg water tower will contain two water chambers, each 18.2 metres in diameter and with a capacity of 750 cubic metres, and a valve building. The work is being carried out by the construction company Ottweiler Baugesellschaft OBG.


The particular feature of this installation is height of the water level, which has an adverse effect on the water pressure: since the highest level in the container is only two metres above the ground, the usual principle of a water tower does not apply: it would normally function on the basis of communicating vessels with the water at the end of the pipeline reaching the same height as the point of departure. That is not an option here. The solution comes in the shape of the pressure booster system which will be fitted to the Lisdorfer Berg water tower.


The water comes from the Bist, a small river flowing from France which joins the Saar at Wadgassen. It is transported along a DN 400 cast iron pipeline with enough pressure to run to Ensdorf. The pressure is even sufficiently high to channel off water and pump it to the Lisdorfer Berg water tower.


In the future, the water tower will supply the companies in this new industrial area with water. Some companies which need large quantities of water are considering using their own bore holes to cover their requirements, but no decisions have yet been reached in this area.


The shell of the valve room is in place, and concrete work on the water chambers is approximately half complete. The total construction costs for the gigantic water tank amount to approximately 1.6 million Euros.