September 2015

Managing Director Schuck of gwSaar: `We are interested in a long-term cooperation`

In a two-day workshop, the directors of 18 member companies were informed about Saarland´s locational assets and opportunities as well as possible cooperations with local companies and research institutes. In B2B meetings entitled `first step to mutual success`, approaches for the implementation of concrete cooperations were discussed with Saarland-based research institutes and businesses.

Like gwSaar, which had organized the visit, ACTA would be interested in a long-term cooperation`, said Managing Director Thomas Schuck of gwSaar (Saarland Economic Promotion Corporation). `We are confident that interesting projects for both our region and the participating Saarland and Korean companies will emerge from this`. Also ATCA Chairman Jong Joo Na was optimistic: `In Saarland, our companies receive much better support than in other German States when it comes to establishing business contacts. First company visits among the participants were already coordinated during the workshop. The B2B meetings were organized in cooperation with saar.is (saarland.innovation standort e. V.)

Also local companies can benefit from ATCA´s presence in Saarland. Often, the entry into the Korean market can only be realized with the help of local Korean partners. The ATCA members are deeply rooted at the market, and many of them also have big Korean companies, e.g. Hyundai, Samsung or LG, among their customers. Therefore, they are ideal partners for entering the Korean market.

State Secretary Jürgen Barke appreciates the commitment and supports the activities: `The processes launched at the workshop will be intensively supported by the Ministry of Economics, Labour, Energy and Transport, ATCA and gwSaar. In November, we will present the location Saarland to the ATCA members in Korea. At the same time, the cooperation talks shall be deepened`.