September 2013

Clear commitment to “car land” Saarland

BOSCH is leaving its Bosch Emission Systems on the Saar.

The new production facility in Neunkirchen is being constructed and let by SHS subsidiary SBB.

‘This is a clear commitment to Saarland as a business location. It will mean around 75 initial jobs being created, with an upward trend’: these were the words of Economics Minister Heiko Maas at today’s groundbreaking ceremony for the new Neunkirchen industrial park. Negotiations with the BESG management enabled the Ministry of Economic Affairs, Employment, Energy and Transport to broach the possibility of constructing a new hall in Neunkirchen in addition to the option of migrating away from the Saarland area – and since the company was not intending to invest in a new hall of its own, SBB offered to build the hall and subsequently let it to BESG on a long-term basis, most likely from April 2014 onwards. The hall is 14,000m2 in size.


BESG Managing Director Dr. Manfred Dürnholz explained: ‘BESG has selected Saarland as a location for the availability of a skilled workforce and the geographical proximity of all key service providers in the Neunkirchen area’. According to mayor Jürgen Fried, Bosch Emission Systems’s (BESG’s) expansion in the Wellesweiler district is an ‘important positive signal’ for Neunkirchen as an industrial location. He continued, ‘I am delighted that the Bosch group has opted for Neunkirchen as a location, and has even expanded. This successful relocation is thus also a triumph for the MEHR Neunkirchen project’. The mayor also highlighted the unbureaucratic, speedy and professional support received from the town administration and from the business development corporation (WFG), as well as SBB’s coordination and the commitment shown by Saarland’s Ministry of Economic Affairs.


As SBB Managing Director Bernd Therre emphasised: ‘I am delighted that we are once again making a significant contribution to boosting Saarland as a business location, enabling additional jobs to be created and maintained’. Therre emphasised the town of Neunkirchen’s commitment by supplying the land which enabled the production facility to be constructed.


Bosch Emission Systems GmbH & Co KG, a Bosch Group company, has been based in Neunkirchen since mid 2010. Since that time, the company has been constructing cleaner emission systems for off-road vehicles. These include tractors, combine harvesters, excavators and wheel loaders, as well as diesel-powered stationary equipment.


The company employs around 120 development, sales and administration staff at its headquarters in Stuttgart, whilst the production location of Neunkirchen in Saarland has 75 employees. The emission purification system comprises electronic control, exhaust system and dosing systems. The Bosch subsidiary offers modular construction kits as well as customised solutions for exhaust gas treatment in on-road and off-road vehicles.